Business model

The Kikada Lane model creates a 50/50 joint venture arrangement with the practice principal. We have established this model so that dental practitioners can perform consistent clinical dentistry‚ÄĒwithout the worry of managing key components of their practice sites.¬†

Our business model is built upon trust and transparency. Our objectives are totally aligned with the practice principals we partner with to generate enhanced outcomes on both a clinical and business level.

Kikada Lane Dental will take a 50 per cent interest in a selected dental practice, allowing the principal to hold the remaining 50 per cent. This allows for a partial release of equity and goodwill at the initial acquisition stage, whilst permitting the principal to still hold an equal share in the business.

When we partner together, we agree to grow practice earnings (EBITDA) at a realistic compounding base rate per annum. The practice profits generated throughout the contract period are split equally between Kikada Lane Dental and the principal.

Our acquisition price is based upon a market-based EBITDA multiple with an initial contract period of 5 years. This can be reasonably extended.

Kikada Lane Dental has an objective to create a partnership model with practice principals which align strategic, clinical and financial interests. We create genuine and achievable incentives for the practice to grow and enhance performance and reward the practice principal along the journey. Our model allows the principal to maintain clinical control and practice oversight.

Our model allows for the practice to receive enhanced levels of corporate support, economies of scale for procurement purposes and clinical training programs that are not available elsewhere.

We generate future upside for all parties through a well-planned exit event.

We have you and your patients best interests at heart.