Our aim is to make a dental practice far more valuable to benefit all parties—the practice owner, their employees and as a result, improve patient outcomes.

We exist to relieve the burdensome operational tasks that all businesses suffer, provide key support platforms and allow practitioners the freedom to perform high class dentistry.

We form long term partnerships with our practice principals. We do this by taking a 50 per cent equity stake in each practice and then provide a range of high quality corporate services that enables a practitioner to concentrate on growing skills and patient revenue. 

Our founders have all previously worked within the dental aggregation industry and have in-depth knowledge and experience to assist practices to grow and perform consistently. Kikada Lane Dental was formed after substantial reviews of other industry models and from leading dental practitioners who sought a more equitable alternative.

Our vision

Our primary vision is to align the interests of all parties. We ensure principal dentists are treated as equals, where clinical autonomy remains paramount and relationships at all levels are priorities.

Kikada Lane seeks to partner with a significant portfolio of quality practices to work towards the delivery of the best care possible but to also solidify wealth creation opportunities for principal partners through a future exit or liquidity event.

Our values

At Kikada Lane we endeavour to create long term value that underpins our ability to derive economic, safe and sustainable outcomes for our customers, partners, equity holders and the communities we serve.

We approach our focus areas with an innovative mindset, our decisions are supported by disciplined governance, administration and risk management procedures.

Our five focus areas of value creation

Corporate responsibility

We recognise that to have a healthy community, we need to assist to a preserve a healthy planet. Our company’s existence is inseparably linked to our commitment to continued sustainability.

The health of our patients, our people and our suppliers, together with the broader environment are equally important in the deployment of our wider company vision and objectives.

As the specific nature of our business continues to grow, so does our operational impact and the resources needed to provide high-quality services. We are committed to empowering our people to build healthier workplaces, minimise our impact on the environment through innovative service delivery and where possible invest in renewable energy and employ waste reduction strategies.